About Us

Our company, which has been carrying out its services in the field of transportation since 1980´s years, started its express transportation services under the BRD EXPRESS brand on the intense demands the customers in 2017. With our 2017 model special vehicles, we are pleased to inform you that we are able to offer this service which is revolutionary in the field of international transport in many countries of Europe with our valued business partners.

Brd Express has always embraced the promise of delivering your promise on this road that has come out with the slogan "Minimum Cost, Maximum Speed". We provide safe service with our company´s own car fleet and staff in all our boats. All the products we will ship with Express can be delivered to your preferred country in one time, at any time.

We have shown our activities in the field of express transportation european countries to european countries without compromising our missions and visions day to day. You can benefit our many services that we offer in accordance with European standards, quality and reasonable prices.

Brd Express offers fast shipping opportunity for all kinds of freight and goods transports. In this service area we have started in a short time, we have gained the pleasure of many companies and we have brought the transportation works to the desired point with maximum quality, quality and discipline.

Şerif Ali Mahallesi Handem Caddesi No:31/A Istanbul / TURKEY
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