How are logistics companies interested in using solar energy in the last period?

 Could you explain what the firms will achieve with numerical examples?

To give a numerical example, it is possible to obtain installed powers of about 160 kW in a roof area of ??1.000 m2 and it is possible to obtain 240 thousand to 260 thousand kWh energy according to the average sunshine hours of our country. Its financial return is on average 34 thousand dollars per year. That is, if an operator with a 1.000 m2 roof is provided with the direction of the roof, static conformity, it is possible to earn an average of 34 thousand dollars a year. It is also possible for the investors who do not have such electricity consumption in operation to sell electricity to the network for 10 years with the state guarantee of the produced electricity.
As a real example, in a similar application we have made in Ankara, we have installed a plant of 820 kWp on a usable area of ??about 7,000 m2 of roof, and the plant produces an average of 1,250,000 kWh of electricity annually.
Again in this real example, the whole facility was delivered in working condition within 45 days following the arrival of the materials in the facility area.
What do you recommend to the firm about investment and system use?
First of all, if you need to talk briefly about the system; solar energy systems are the cheapest power plants in the world today, and maintenance costs are lowest compared to all other power plant types. For logistics companies and buildings with roofs such as warehouses, the fact that the electricity to be produced on the roof transmits electricity to the machine park which runs below without any loss increases both the quality of the energy used and the high electricity prices that the business owners are paying. In the realization of this, the design of the system to be installed, the quality of the material used, the experience of the company that will establish the plant and the company´s reliability, financial strength and ability to complete the business are important.
When we go on the road I just mentioned above, it is possible to earn about 35-40 thousand dollars every year with an investment that will be made by an operator with a 1,000 m2 roof for 200 thousand dollars. Therefore, enterprises that minimize energy costs through a long-lived system that returns for a period of 5 years are not even able to capture the cost advantage with their competitors.
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